Friday, February 13, 2015

Because My Day Wouldn't Be Complete Without Pissing Someone Off...

I was sitting here thinking,"Thank God it's the last day of school before Winter Break!", and it got me to thinking about some posts I see on a regular basis that bother me.

You know the ones I mean. The incessant posts bitching about kids being out of school or, on the flip side, celebrating kids going back to school. Now, I completely understand if it's a work conflict/need to find a sitter situation but I never see the posts framed that way. They all come across as,"Why do I actually have to spend time with these small humans I chose to create?!"

I always loved weekends and breaks. Especially summer vacation. Not only did I get to spend more time with my kids but the stress of following a schedule was removed. I like my kids. They're good peoples and, more often than not, wildly entertaining. Frankly I always resented having to hand them over to someone else and am thrilled that we will be home schooling Evie. MINE! ALL MINE! Mwahahahahahahaha!!!

                                                                    You can't have her!

And speaking of autistic children, the majority of 'autism mom' pages spend entirely too much time bitching about the 'struggle' of being around their children. I can recall one rather spectacular public meltdown because a woman's after school respite worker was quitting. Initially I thought she meant an actual babysitter, like it was interfering with her ability to work, but nope. She was home but she needed respite after her child was gone at school all day

If I sound judgy it's because I hella am. What does it do to a child's self esteem to hear their mothers piss and moan every time they have to actually spend time with them? All I can think is that the world is populated with people who somehow never managed to notice the parents and kids around them so they had no idea it would entail, you know, work. It's not always easy and sometimes I would prefer to hear something other than the Wiggles Christmas DVD or be able to relax without a loud crashing sound coming from the other room or prepare yet more food that will go uneaten. It's a tough gig but the rewards are immense.

I dunno. I guess I just think people should appreciate their kids more. 'They won't be little forever' is such a cliche but it's true.

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